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e-Ticketing System
Our e-ticketing system help users to manage their supplier, agents, product, inventory, content and reports. The system is supported by web browser, mobile application and point of sale interface to provide a total ticket sales and redemption solution for our clients.
ERP System
Our Conventional ERP system help your company manage your sales, inventory, human resource, delivery, fleet and reports. We are able to customize an ERP that will help you streamline your business operation.
Digital Marketing
With 10 years of experience in branding and marketing. From Social Media marketing to SEO, SEM and digital campaign, our team have the expertise to help your company craft digital campaigns that will help improve your sales.
Auxiliary Services
We provides auxiliary services like grant application from Spring and STB. Maxias DX is SCMC certified and can help your company receive grant from government organization to defray your development cost. We are also able to help your company build a capable and cost-effective IT team that will cover your cost of expansion.

Our Works

We build functions and platform, but more than anything else, we build solutions.

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About Maxias DX

Over 10 years and 200 websites later, we're still going strong
Maxias DX is a leading independent digital agency developing web solutions for over 10 years. With core strengths in usability, design and development, Maxias presents clients with the ability to develop a successful interactive web solution from the ground up.

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